10 Things Every Christian Should Know About Jesus


Following is a post I recently wrote on Project Inspired:

Ladies, to love Jesus is to know as much about Him as possible. But what does that mean? Knowing about Jesus means more than just knowing that He is the son of God and that He is God.

Once you, as a Christian, know about Jesus, you can truly have a relationship with Him, because in doing so, you have a better understanding about Him and what is expected of you. The following is a list of 10 things every Christian should know about Jesus. Of course, they’re not the only things you should know about Him, but they’re a good start for building a relationship with Him. And they should also prompt you to learn more!

  1. He loves you unconditionally. No matter who you are or what you have done, good or bad, He loves you. And that love is never-ending. No one will ever love you more than He does!
  2. He died for you. I know that most Christians know this, but to really know it is to understand the sacrifices that went into this amazing act. God sacrificing His son. Jesus sacrificing Himself. Not to mention the pain that He felt. All to carry the burdens of your sins.
  3. He wants the best for you. God has good intentions when He creates each and every one of us. He plans for our welfare and our righteousness. It’s usually our free will that takes us in a different direction.
  4. He wants to be a part of your life. He wants you to take Him with you on your journey through life. Not just when things are good, but also when they are bad. He wants you to take Him with you through prayer, praise and glorification, in everything that you say and do.
  5. He wants to be #1. Above everything else! Nothing should be more important than Him. Nothing and no one should come before Him.
  6. He has high expectations of you. Jesus often referred to keeping His and His Father’s commandments. So He does expect that you behave a certain way. What is right and what is wrong have been laid out in scripture, and we do have a responsibility to follow those commandments! But it’s not easy. Jesus knows it’s not easy…without Him. Jesus wants you to rely on Him to help you keep those commandments, hence #4, above. He needs to be a part of your life always.
  7. He wants you to do good. Scripture reveals many examples of good deeds, from the good Samaritan to the poor widow’s offering. Good deeds alone aren’t going to get you to heaven, but they were obviously important enough for Jesus to continually point them out!
  8. He’s not a pushover. Do you remember Jesus turning tables over in the temple courts? Or when Jesus became angry when His disciples were afraid of the storm? Jesus is compassionate and loving, but He wants you to take Him seriously. What does that mean? To believe in Him.
  9. He can’t make you follow Him. We were created with free will. And even though everything is possible with God, He won’t make you follow Him. His arms are open; it’s up to you whether you choose Him or not.
  10. Life is easier with Him in it. Life is not going to be easy. But scripture tells us over and over that with Jesus in it, we are stronger.

Ladies, did you know these things about Jesus? What do you think of this list?

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