What Are People Saying About “Freeing Tanner Rose”?

“This is the second novel I have read by T.M. Gaouette and I have enjoyed both immensely. However the pace and intensity in this story was gripping. I barely put the book down... When I finished this novel, I was really wishing for more…This story was a very intense read…The characters are wonderfully written. The solid honest ethical life of Gabriel and his mother in contrast to Tanner and her Hollywood shenanigans is a stunning look at faith in the midst of modern life and culture. The story was compelling and an absolute page turner. I can highly recommend it. It is one of the best Christian Fiction stories I have read in years, and one of the best Catholic Fiction stories for young adults I have ever read…Good solid writing crafted into an awesome story. Freeing Tanner Rose is to be the first of four books in the Faith & Kung Fu series. And I cannot wait to read the next installment. It was an excellent read.” (Complete review on Book Reviews and More and Catholic Dads Online)

“This is the first book in a four story series. It pulled me in quickly and I read it cover to cover. The characters are both a little bit complex, and each chapter reveals a little bit more about them. Although it stands alone just fine it did leave me wondering what will become of the two, especially Tanner Rose. I hope the next book is published soon! The book is Christian young adult fiction – but parents may want to read it with their teens. There are so many topics that will open up for discussion because it addresses so many relevant topics. You could choose substance abuse, peer pressure, parent/child relationships, (including the importance of behavioral boundaries) the trappings of fame, and more – especially temptations!” Read more of this review at Our Village is a Little Different)

If you’re looking for a great book about temptation, friendship and God, you’ve got to check out Freeing Tanner Rose. It’s full of beautiful descriptions, intriguing characters and the reminder that loving God is a way of life. (Read more of this review at Project Inspired)

The stark contrast between Tanner’s world and Gabriel’s life was stunning and Tanner’s growth and struggles were believable. The story highlights the destruction that fame can cause at a young age as well as the dangers of drugs and alcohol – which is an important message for all teens. There were a few aspects of the story that were unexpected. I thought I knew where the story was headed but was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong. I especially loved the ending of this book. Throughout the story I kept wondering how it would conclude. I usually love a happy ending, all tied up in a pretty little bow, but wasn’t sure how that could be accomplished here and thought the author did a wonderful job. Great book with wonderful messages for teens. (Complete review on lesleawahl.com)

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One thought on “What Are People Saying About “Freeing Tanner Rose”?

  1. The book was really captured my heart not just my attention! Yes for all books of Ms. T.M.G 🙂 Gabriel’s personality is really a ❤ such a God fearing person.
    I really recommend this for all teens out there!
    God bless youu T.M.G. Your book is really AMAZING!
    From: Philippines

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