What are people saying about, “The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch”?

“[Gaouette] is a good writer…The characters all seem to have depth and authenticity and they manage to avoid devolving, on the one hand, into caricature, or, on the other, into meanness…Overall, the story is a good one…By the end, the story-telling becomes quite powerful, and, I think, that many will find this to be a book that will stay with them for quite some time. I look forward to reading Gaouette’s other self-published work, Freeing Tanner Rose…This is a book young people will enjoy, and the occasional adult…there is enough of each in Sunshine Ranch to make it both interesting and edifying for young readers. (Complete review on The Catholic Review of Books)

“The author describes each character with such love and truth that the reader comes to know them and love each of them…The author develops the story with humor and love. I laughed, and I cried. The author made me use my imagination, and gave me all the necessary clues to picture in my mind each episode of human feelings, tragedy, and family values…The characters are developed in a way that builds the story as it delves deeper into each child’s life…Any age reader should enjoy this book…The Catholic faith is lived throughout the book…This a good story, one that I enjoyed reading. I felt the book was very well written, moved along at a good pace, yet events were described completely and evoked emotion from the reader. It is an easy read and instills Catholic values. It is a book all ages can read and enjoy, while strengthening their belief in the power of prayer.” (Complete review on catholicfiction.net)

“This book took me completely by surprise. From the amazing dialogue to the raw emotions it portrays and captures, it is a wonderful read from the first to last word…The book was incredibly moving…The story was amazing. I love it and highly recommend it. The story is a mix of faith, the spirit’s movement and learning to trust and hope… I highly recommend this book. And hope it is the first of many from this author. (Complete review on Book Reviews and More and Catholic Dads Online)

“I was taken in fairly quickly. The characters are well developed and likable…In addition to a delightful read, there are a few uplifting messages revealed in these pages.For me, the most important was that faith is the only sure anecdote for anxiety .Coming in closely behind were the idea that God waits – and that where there is life, there is hopeI loved how Ms. Gaouette presented each child as unique, with his or her own defenses and coping mechanismsWithout being preachy, The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch illustrates the very beautiful passage of Scripture…The story also shows the detrimental effects that come from holding on to all of our hurts and our worries.” (Complete review on Ourvillageisalittledifferent.com)

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. (Philippians 4:12-13). My favorite Bible verse, on the first page of The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch, lassoed me straight in to T.M Gaouette’s YA novel…uniquely crafted to each well-developed character…You’ll root for each child and for the Sunshine Ranch, while enjoying T.M. Gaouette’s rich prose and vivid descriptions…This heartwarming novel leads readers, along with the characters, on a route toward God, toward His love, and toward healing and the hope of living a fulfilled life. And for those already rooted in Christ, the novel will surely be a faith-strengthener.” (Complete review on WritingStraight.com)

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