For Eden’s Sake

Barely out of college, Isaac trades the quiet of his family ranch for the excitement of the big city with his dream job at an up-and-coming advertising agency. Until his perfect new world is shattered by bad choices, a pretty girl, a moment’s temptation—and a late night walk that quickly spirals out of control. Reeling with the horror of a mistake that can’t be undone, Isaac struggles to get his soul in order. Can he forgive himself? Can he make things right with God? What about Rebecca?

With both their lives desperately upended, and life-changing consequences no matter what they choose, Isaac must face his painful past, finding strength from God to do the right thing . . . and somehow convince Rebecca to do the same.

You formed my inmost being; You knit me in my mother’s womb. I praise You, so wonderfully You made me; wonderful are Your works! my very self You knew; my bones were not hidden from You, when I was being made in secret, fashioned as in the depths of the earth. (PSALMS 139:13-15)

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“Isaac made a mistake. A big one. And now he must face the consequences. This story does not make light of the effects of our choices, whether physical or spiritual. It goes deep into the emotional turmoil and suffering that follows bad choices, things that much of today’s young adult fiction downplays or ignores. Even though Isaac made a big mistake, I found him to be a strong character and a good role model as he strives to repair the damage and move forward on the right path. This is an excellent, pro-life story about getting up after you’ve fallen. It brings to light the themes that love is more than a feeling—it’s a sacrifice—and human life is valuable, and both are worth fighting for. The importance of faith-filled upbringing really comes through too.” (Theresa Linden, author of The Roland West Series)

“Author TM Gaouette’s collection of faith-affirming Catholic teen novels has a new addition, For Eden’s Sake. I’m impressed with how unique, and different all Gaouette’s books are, from her heart-warming middle-grade story, her exciting contemporary YA series, to this newly released powerful pro-life novel for older teens.

After a night he desperately wishes he could change, college graduate Isaac finds himself fighting for the life of his unborn child. While the characters are a little older, I think this is a fantastic book for teens to read with an important message. When our teens leave the protection of our homes and move on to college and the working world, they will probably find themselves in situations where they will need to defend their values and beliefs. Sadly, out in the real world, the foundation we teach our kids at home is often questioned, ridiculed, and attacked. It takes a strong person to hold true to Christian values.

I love the message that even when the decisions we make might throw our goals off track if we trust in God, we will get through any troubles. Even in the darkest of times, God has a plan for us. For Eden’s Sake is a powerful story about fighting for what is right, believing that God is with us even in the darkest of times, and trusting that He will get us through any situation. ” (Leslea Wahl, author of award-winning novels The Perfect Blindside)


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