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Here’s the cover for “Freeing Tanner Rose.”

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My Christmas Gift to You!

christmas special

Hi friends! I have a special gift for you this Christmas.

Buy a signed copy of The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch, and I’ll include a CD with the beautiful Christmas song, “Lullaby” by Grace Arriving,

Lullaby cd
…plus a cute crocheted snowflake bookmark.

snowflake bookmark

If you haven’t heard “Lullaby,” here’s “The Message” from gracearriving.com:

The song Lullaby contrasts the fragile form of a newborn babe embraced in his mother’s arms to that of the omnipotent King of kings- who will soon reveal love’s redemption plan to save all mankind.

Beginning with Mary’s sweet love song to Jesus and Joseph’s earnest exaltation the story of the epic event of Christ’s arrival is weaved with the voices of those touched by his birth; wise men, angels, and all of creation proclaim with gladness the arrival of Emmanuel, God with us.

You’re going to love this song. Check it out here:

The CD includes the song and its instrumental version.

I will also enter you in a raffle for a copy of my upcoming book, Freeing Tanner Rose!

This special is only available through this website, and up until Christmas.

Interested? Contact me directly. Just visit book business, fill in your contact information and check off Signed Copy. I’ll get back to you with the details.

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Revising the Novel “Freeing Tanner Rose”: A Love-Hate Process

Saving Tanner Rose-cover sneak peek
Ahhhhh…revising is the most frustrating, exhilarating,  tedious, exciting process, is it not? It’s an oxymoronic experience, for sure!

I’m right at the end of revising Freeing Tanner Rose, but there’s still a few more full revisions to do. The story is complete and I have a reader on it. I only have a moment to breathe, and then I’ll get a list of questions that came up during the read. I’ll fix those. Then I’ll reread the whole thing to elaborate, add, and adjust where necessary. Then I’ll do another full read for a final edit. This is why writers get sick of their own stories, while still in awe of their own accomplishment.

During the revision process, I’ll love and I’ll hate what I wrote. And then when it’s done, I’ll have to let it go. And that’s a whole other emotional phase in the writing process.

While the end is close, it feels so far away! I hope to preview the first chapter soon.

Thanks for checking in.

Best and blessings to you all, TMG

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your novels?

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