A Day in the Life of a Catholic Novelist

“I am grateful for my life, my blessings, husband and children, my home, and my writing.” I continue my daily mantra instinctively but faithfully. Except my words lack the enthusiasm insisted by Tony Robbins. “I’m grateful for finding my passion, although my time is restricted. My life’s full with every second consumed by one being or another seeking my attention. I’m grateful for it all until insanity kicks in.” I suck in a much needed breath and glance at my two little homeschoolers working diligently at the dining room table, my third sits playing with the spice rack. A sudden gush of happiness washes through me, cleansing all remnants of sarcasm and discouragement that taint my mood.

I’ll survive the drudge of today, with its typical formation. I’ll follow yesterday’s steps, same as the day before. I’m not alone. I prepare a snack, send out the dog, clean the kitchen, and change a diaper. My only interruption is to grab a scrap of paper, napkin, piece of gum wrap, anything obtainable for me to safely transfer a soon-to-be renowned phrase or idea from thought.

Finally, I’m onto my beloved chore, staring at my impending bestseller while my boy plays by my feet. The older two are in bed and my time has come. I read prewritten words in an attempt to transform my mind into one of a novelist’s. Distraction comes soon, however, when I feel little hands grabbing at me. I try to type faster, frantic to finish a thought. What was it, again? It’s too late. I’m no longer a writer. I’m a mountain that must be scaled. Little grunts indicate the magnitude of his mission and it’s too endearing to ignore.

I surrender to his command and drag him onto my lap, hoping he’ll be entertained by the words appearing before us. I regain my literary composure, but soon my sleek lines of literary genius are tainted by an intrusive ‘g,’ followed by a roguish ‘p.’ The meddlesome letters continue appearing, accompanied by impish giggles, and my only response is a desperate, ‘no sweetie,’ ‘don’t touch,’ while maintaining as much patience as my deteriorating mood allows.

It’s too tempting for those tiny fingers, however, and again I’m compelled to surrender, save my potential masterpiece and spin away from the screen, causing a squeal of delight. I lift him into the air and he looks down at me, eyes wide with the anticipation of my next move. Who knows what that will be? Even with routine comes uncertainty, but in the sparkling eyes of my child is a promise of something extraordinary, and for that I am always grateful.


Whitney Houston’s Songs About God Will Live on Despite Her Sad and Untimely Death

I am a big fan of Whitney Houston’s music. During her downward spiral, I would pray that she would truly open her heart up to God so that she could continue to glorify His name in her songs. She sang about Him often, but could she really have had a relationship with Him?

The devil was in the the drugs. He had a hold of her and her talent, and he made sure she couldn’t sing about God again. Well, she may be gone, but her music will live on. She will continue to sing about our Lord and savior so that we are all reminded of His glory. If her death has resulted in anything positive, it’s that the internet is buzzing about her and her music. Songs and videos are being shared and her words about God and His amazing grace are being heard by millions.

This is a quick tribute I would like to share.

There are so many songs of her’s  that I love, but the following, I feel is the most appropriate. It’s called “I Look to You.” I wish she had.

For more of my favorite Whitney Houston songs, check out Whitney Houston’s Heartbreaking Death, my tribute to the singer at Project Inspired.

What is your most favorite Whitney song?

Image: crushable.com

Strengthen My Prayer

Please pray with me. I’m having a hard time with all these stories about children being abused, molested, and murdered. I wonder if it’s getting worse or if it’s just more exposed. The internet makes it so easy for sex predators, but even so, a lot of parents are the abusers and killers.

I received an e-mail once about how people have turned away from God. How they tried to take Him out of schools, state buildings, etc. But then they blame Him for everything that goes wrong. They blame Him, even though they turned their backs on Him. I wish people would turn back to Him and realize that only He has the ability to make wrong right, but we have to open our hearts to Him. My husband says God must be so angry about how His people are behaving -aborting babies like it’s nothing, abusing, molesting, and killing innocent children. My heart breaks for them.

If anyone can help, God can. So I ask that you pray with me.  Strengthen my prayer, because these poor babies need all the help that they can get.


Almighty God, your Son Jesus Christ said, “Let the children come to me.”
and “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, you do to me.”
Millions of your sons and daughters around the world suffer from so much abuse, neglect, and hatred,
you have moved our hearts to pray for them.

We ask that you send your Holy Spirit to change the minds and open the hearts of people around the world,

– that those who seek, perform, or promote abortions might foster life instead of destroy it;
– that those who abuse and molest children open their eyes and their hearts so that they recognize their wrong-doing and that they stop the violence they inflict;
– that the victims of sexual abuse may be protected by you and those around them, healed, and given justice;
– that the victims of these abuses may not themselves abuse others, nor give in to violence or despair;
– that those who have despaired; the families who are in anguish, feel the strength of your comfort during their sorrow; that they may be raised up and given hope;
– that those who have died may be raised up on the last day and receive the consolation and blessing of heaven.

We ask that you open our hearts and minds to learn how we can act to prevent abuse wherever it may occur. Grant us Lord, the courage to take action wherever and whenever it may be possible.

We ask this through your Son Jesus Christ.


Cover Design for Destiny of Sunshine Ranch

Here’s a sneak preview of The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch, or at least, the cover. Designed by me, it shows the Ranch from a distance with 2 children looking down at it. Overhead, the sun beams through the clouds, which foreshadows a scene in the story. The back of the book reads as follows:

10 year old Benedict has been moved to a lot of foster homes, and he’s hated every one. When he arrives at Sunshine Ranch, he doesn’t bother unpacking. What’s the point? But his new foster parents and siblings are not a family he’s used to. David and Martha Credence strive to instill love and Christian values in their family, and it inspires hope in each child. Benedict is not into religion, but Sunshine Ranch is the home he’s secretly been yearning for. He fears it’s just a little too good to be true, and his sentiments are validated after learning that they may lose Sunshine Ranch. Can the Credence children help save the Ranch? Will faith keep them together? Or will Benedict’s dream be shattered?

The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch is a story about a family devoted to God. It relays the personal journeys of all the Credence foster children and their struggles to overcome past and present pain and adversity.

“I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:12-13


The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch: Book Description

I had to come up with copy for my back cover. This is what I came up with.

“When Benedict arrives at his new foster home, Sunshine Ranch, he suspects his will be a short stay like all the others. But his new foster parents, David and Martha Credence, and his foster siblings are not a family he’s used to. It’s the home he’s always yearned for, but is it too good to be true?

The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch is a story of a family’s devotion to God. It relays the personal stories of all the Credence children and their struggles to overcome past pain and adversity. With the love and devotion of David and Martha Credence, the children begin to find hope. But it’s short lived when they find out that they may lose Sunshine Ranch and be split up. Will faith prevail or is there a new destiny for both Benedict and Sunshine Ranch?”

What do you think?