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Click on image below to learn more about T.M. Gaouette’s faith journey and why she writes Catholic fiction for teens and young adults in the Sept./Oct. Issue of Parable

Saving Faith

Review: A great read from cover to cover. A must read for tween – teens for getting insight and wisdom into the dating scene, the mindset of both young men and women, and God’s plan for their best in Him regarding intimacy before marriage.

The characters were a continuation from book 1 in the series and it was nice to go back into their lives and see their maturation process. Sometimes you’re screaming “NO” in your head, sometimes you want to applaud, and all the time you just keep going one more chapter further to see what happens next.

Gaouette is becoming one of my favorite authors and I can’t wait for the next book or for my children to get older to read them. These books will become a part of their personal libraries and ones I hope they re-read throughout their Jr high and high school years. (Amazon customer review)