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T. M. Gaouette and fellow Catholic Teen Books author Leslea Wahl win big at this year’s Catholic Press Association Awards, Gaouette for her pro-life novel For Eden’s Sake in the Books for Young Adults category, and Wahl’s eXtreme Blindside in the Books for Teens category!



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T.M. GAOUETTE titles awarded SEAL OF APPROVAL by Catholic Writers Guild

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Click on image below to learn more about T.M. Gaouette’s faith journey and why she writes Catholic fiction for teens and young adults in the Sept./Oct. Issue of Parable

For Eden’s Sake

Barely out of college, Isaac trades the quiet of his family ranch for the excitement of the big city with his dream job at an up-and-coming advertising agency. Until his perfect new world is shattered by bad choices, a pretty girl, a moment’s temptation—and a late night walk that quickly spirals out of control. Reeling with the horror of a mistake that can’t be undone, Isaac struggles to get his soul in order. Can he forgive himself? Can he make things right with God? What about Rebecca?

With both their lives desperately upended, and life-changing consequences no matter what they choose, Isaac must face his painful past, finding strength from God to do the right thing . . . and somehow convince Rebecca to do the same.


“FOR EDEN’S SAKE is a fast yet compelling read; touching every heart and mind with hope for what matters most; God’s redeeming love and grace.”
(Evangelist Alveda C. King, Civil Rights for The Unborn)