School Visits


Whenever possible, T. M. Gaouette is available for in-person or virtual school visits.

While keeping the tone casual, Gaouette discusses many issues with middle to high school students from specific titles to the writing process. Oftentimes, teachers have students write questions beforehand to keep the conversation going. Students enjoy getting to know more about the author, characters they’ve come to know, and the many facets of publishing fiction.

Contact for more information and speaker fees. Don’t forget to ask about book discounts for bulk orders!


“For the past two years, one of my sixth grade feature reads has been The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch. The students were very engaged in the story, and experienced the pleasure each year of a visit from author T. M. Gaouette.

The students had many questions about the book, the characters, and the author’s inspiration. The students loved learning the interview process, preparing questions for the visit. T. M. Gaouette spent over an hour with the students, and gave them valuable insight into writing and publishing. It was a wonderful educational opportunity for us all!

We hope to be blessed by another visit with a new class! It is a very special gift for students to engage with the author of the books they read and love!”

D. Abramson
Grade Five/Six Language Arts
St. Catherine of Siena School
Manchester, NH

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