Teaching Virtues Through Fiction Series

About the Teaching Virtues Through Fiction Series


Teaching Virtues Through Fiction Series is a collection of edifying posts offered by author T.M. Gaouette specifically to Catholic educators of teens and young adults. The series discusses certain virtues and how they’re portrayed in her fiction work. An open forum is offered in the comments section of each post that allows other Catholic authors the opportunity to refer readers to their own fiction works that also depict the highlighted virtue. These posts can be used to formulate discussions in Catholic schools, home schools, youth groups, book discussions, or family conversations.

What is a virtue? 

A virtue, in brief, is a type of behavior or even desire instilled within a person which is good and strives for goodness.  There are many virtues. The Catholic Church has established seven Heavenly virtues, four Cardinal virtues, and three Theological. We will discuss these in this series and the many others in-between.

Virtues Discussed: