TFG Generations Book Club

(Following post by Cathy Gilmore, author, educator and founder of the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA ministry, and developer of the TOTALLY Feminine GENIUS Generations Book Club™ Guide. Excerpt copied with permission.)

How do we equip our daughters to be warrior princesses to courageously fight the battle for the soul of humanity? By reading a great novel. Really? Yes. I’m not kidding. Let’s try out a book club that celebrates feminine GENIUS with women in every season of life:  MOTHERS, daughters, SISTERS, aunts, GRANDMOTHERS, grand-daughters, COUSINS, in-laws, NEIGHBORS & friends. Grown-up ladies can come alongside of teen and pre-teen girls to help them along their way.

Heroic Virtue Mentoring?

The most spiritually at-risk population in modern society are youth, especially girls, in middle grade, high school and college. Sexual exploitation, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide are evidence of the devastating attacks they suffer on a daily basis. Many girls are so desensitized by toxic reading and entertainment that learning virtue feels more foreign than trying to learn Swahili. We can come alongside the young ladies we love to help them rediscover the true girl power in the internal strength of selflessness.  Wholesome novels that are fun to read (Yes, the two can go together.) can “normalize” holy faith and true goodness for girls and teens.  They will respond to the unique feminine genius that shines in a woman’s thoughts, words and actions in a great story. Imagery portraying moral character in the female figures in a novel imprints in the imagination how to be a woman of substance and spiritual strength. It’s far more powerful to SHOW rather than tell the kind of wonderful women God designed our girls to be.

Show VIRTUE. Don’t tell it.

We have an undying spiritual enemy who relentlessly tempts us and taunts us to destroy ourselves.  It is important to note that the evil we fight attacks us on the inside. This battle requires extraordinary interior strength. That strength, a multi-faceted expression of intense love, is known as Virtue. Imagination is where young women forge inside themselves the weapons and skills to wield the heroic loving power of virtue. A caring mom, grandma, big sister, aunt, etc. reading the right book at the right time together with a younger woman is a powerful mentoring opportunity to help our girls to embrace their noble destiny. I’m here to direct you to some extraordinary books and give you a way to discuss some easy-to-understand virtues. You choose the the girl/sthe time, and the place.


This ridiculously simple way for grown-up women to mentor teen and pre-teen girls is effortless and fun. This is first version.  It’s one the unique  initiatives offered through the ministry of VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA that I’ve developed to empower parents, grandparents and teachers to cultivate virtue in thought and behavior in the young people they love through reading and entertainment. You can help us test it out. It’s called the: TOTALLY Feminine GENIUS Generations Book Club™ Guide (Abbreviated: TFG Generations Book Club) It’s a free one-page PDF for you to print out and use. Yep. It’s that simple.

Read more about this amazing initiative, print your .pdf brochure guide, and pick a book from the recommended list, and choose a virtue here: Virtue Mentoring for Teen Girls

So pleased and honored that Freeing  Tanner Rose is included in the recommended reads for the TOTALLY Feminine GENIUS Generations Book Club™ Find out what other books are included!