Have Some Catholics Really Evolved or Have They Just Turned Away From Christ?

Iraqi Worshippers Pray For Pope John Paul III have a question! I was watching a news show not that long ago, and on it a woman stated confidently that Catholics are evolving. She said it in response to a news story about a homosexual college student who wanted to ban a Catholic church on campus because the priest did not support gay marriage.

“Catholics are evolving,” she said, and went on to suggest that priests and Catholic teaching should evolve also. Really?

So because Catholics are turning away from Catholic teaching, priests should also? And since Catholic doctrine is based on Christ’s teaching, should Christ evolve also? Instead of priests looking to Christ and people looking to priests, should priests learn Catholicism from people, and in turn Christ should just go with what Catholics are believing? Makes no sense to me!

So what’s the truth? Are Catholics really evolving, or are they turning away from Catholic teaching and taking on beliefs that don’t fit into Catholicism.  Have they just turned away from Christ?

What do you think?

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