BOOK REVIEW: The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch

I just received my first review for The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch. Here’s a snippet:

In addition to a delightful read, there are a few uplifting messages revealed in these pages.  For me, the most important was that faith is the only sure anecdote for anxiety.  Coming in a closely behind were the ideas that God waits – and that where there is life, there is hope.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a foster child, especially one who is moved from place to place.  That is who this story is about.  A lovable and diverse bunch of foster children and the couple who take them into their home.

I loved how Ms. Gaouette presented each child as unique, with his or her own defenses and coping mechanisms.  David and Martha Credence, (the foster parents) have a wonderful ability to understand these kids and assist them as they heal from their painful pasts. They carefully guide the group of young people towards faith, and help them to cope with new situations and emotions. Their capacity to love is amazing, and they have plenty for each of their charges.  Sunshine Ranch is a refuge.

Benedict is the main character, and he is introduced immediately.  He’s only ten but he has had quite a rough life.  When he arrives at the ranch he isn’t exactly sure what to make of it – or the oddly happy people living there. While the stories of the other children all intertwine through Benny’s, the focus always returns to him.  He is a stubborn young man – bound and determined to avoid faith, refuse to trust, and to keep everyone at an arm’s length.  He is determined not to become attached to this new home or it’s inhabitants, even though Sunshine Ranch is everything he has ever wanted or hoped for. MORE

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