What Are People Saying About GUARDING AARON?


“A timely story about timeless teen issues: school bullying, jealousy between friends, and doing the right thing, even when it’s hard. A great read for Christian teens, especially those struggling to give their weaknesses to God with perfect trust. This is T.M. Gaouette at her best!” (Susan Peek, author of God’s Forgotten Friends)

“The more I read by T.M. Gaouette the more I want to read. I thoroughly enjoy her works and appreciate that they are good clean Christian fiction. This is an excellent Catholic Young Adult book but can be read and enjoyed by anyone who loves a good story! A truly great read in a wonderful series for readers of all ages.” —full review releasing  December 4….(Steven McEvoy, BookReviewsAndMore.ca)

“T.M. Gaouette ramps up the action as Gabriel, Tanner, and Faith struggle to find God’s path in their lives!” (Corinna Turner, author of the I Am Margaret series)

“Author TM Gaouette is really onto something with her Faith & Kung Fu series. A master in the martial arts must be disciplined, possessing inner strength along with physical ability. And isn’t this what we Christians need too? This story shows the need for not only knowing right and wrong but also for the self-control and discipline to pursue it, without acting on impulse.”—full review to come….(Theresa Linden, author of the West Brothers series)

“T.M. Gaouette’s newest novel, Guarding Aaron, is a true gem. This gifted storyteller has created another compelling page turner with perfectly woven together story-lines, a heartfelt message, and a few surprising twists. Guarding Aaron is sure to be another fan favorite.” (Leslea Wahl, author of The Perfect Blindside)