Percentage of Net Proceeds From “The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch” Going to Catholic Charities Adoption

Before ever publishing a novel, I’d already decided to associate each story to a specific cause.

Ideally, I wanted the cause to reflect the story that’s told. This may or may not be possible for my future novels, but for The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch, it is.

This novel tells the story of a Christian couple who foster children. It covers the many ups and downs that come with past adversity. Because of this premise, I’ve been contemplating various foster care and adoption services.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided that the perfect charity for this novel is Catholic Charities Adoption. Therefore, 10% of all net proceeds from The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch will be donated to Catholic Charities Adoption.

Across the country, Catholic Charities agencies provide pregnancy counseling and adoption services for individuals and families regardless of their religious, social, or economic backgrounds. (Catholic Charities Adoption)

Catholic Charities does so much amazing work. Their adoption services are a God-send to women who can’t take care of a baby; babies who need a good home; and couples who are desperate to have a baby.

I hope you enjoy The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch, and I thank you in advance for supporting Catholic Charities Adoption with your purchase.

Best and Blessings,

T.M. Gaouette

Image Credit: Catholic Charities Adoption


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